SIS3 was founded in 2009 by professors of the International Society of Scholastics.  Our goal was to provide online education in classical scientific investigation using the principles and procedures of traditional scholastic logic: i.e., the method of Systematic Analytics.   The result of this method is a highly systematized, cross-disciplinary unity called Synoetics--a scientific super structure in which every discipline finds a proper logical place.    

Today, we invest this scholastic method not only in educational programs, but in practical and professional endeavors.  We offer resources to train professionals in general Systematic Analytics that they may apply the method in their respective fields.  Moreover, our professors aim to develop and expand the classical  disciplines--each specializing in particular scientific fields--physics, psychology, socio-economics, etc.--whilst ever maintaining that unity of comprehension which demands the humility of coordination and subordination in the pursuit of knowledge     


There is a certain archeological tendency, a love of the past which turns away from present suffering. [...]  Let us not be like those people who always seem to be pallbearers at the funeral of the past.  Let us utilize, by living, the qualities of the dead.  Truth is ever new.  Like the grass of morning, moist with glistening dew, all the old virtues are waiting to spring up afresh.

-A.G. Sertillanges 

It is true that in the present age the task is more arduous that ever before.  Materials continue so to accumulate, discovery follows discovery so rapidly , that it has become impossible for a single mind to obtain a complete grasp of everything.  Yet it is a mistake to image that what is impossible to the isolated individual is beyond the concerted effort of many.  

Since individual effort feels itself wellnigh powerless in the presence of the field of observation which daily continues to widen, it is necessary for association to make good the insufficiency of the isolated worker and for men of analysis and men of synthesis to come together and form by their daily  exchange and united action, an atmosphere suited to harmonious development alike of science and of philosophy.

-Desire Mercier


Order is the function of wisdom

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Order is the Function of Wisdom