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Analytic Facilitation

The art of disposing well a series of many thoughts, either for the discovering of truth when we are ignorant of it, or for proving it to others when it is already known.

The teacher, like a medical doctor, is an imitator of natural processes.  In the case of teaching, the nature to be imitated is that of human reason, and the result of teaching is new knowledge ordered in the learner’s mind from a previously implicit or potential form into actual possession.  

Art imitates nature by developing and extending it, not by copying it.  The most important common knowledge of all good teachers is knowledge of the workings of that human reason which the art of teaching imitates.  The teacher has to get the learner to go through the syllogism even though the learner does not know he is doing it.  Hence every teacher ought to be firmly grounded in logic.  

The teacher is an artist.  Like the satellite engineer studying the laws of nature to obey them most perfectly or like the farmer analyzing his soil to get the most out of it, the teacher must know the nature that teaching imitates.  That nature is human intelligence, inductive and syllogistic.  Obviously the teacher must first explore the nature of the human mind if teaching is to help that mind to greater development. 

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